Oasis Community Projects

Oasis Community Projects is a social development and community upliftment umbrella organisation, which seeks to provide job opportunities, skills development, training and education. It is a purpose fulfilling group that strives to achieve the financial break even point of self sustainability where possible.

It is the only advice/help, information, handcraft and community centre in Van Wyksdorp.  

As an environmentally active group it participates in the greening of the town.  

It encourages the building of partnerships between itself and organisations both within and outside Van Wyksdorp, in its bid to address the social (pre-school, advice and help services), health (community home based care), cultural (cultural programme), and environmental needs within the town and surrounding farm communities.


  • Photocopying and printing facilities;
  • Internet and e-mail;
  • Library; and
  • Crafts and needlework for sale.























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