Oasis Ostrich Show Farm

Opening its doors in January 1999, the beautiful Oasis Ostrich Show Farm bustles at the foot of the Pilanesberg just 5km from Sun City.

Tours of the farm offer an opportunity to view the African ostrich, largest flightless bird in the world. During the first 50 years of Dutch colonisation, ostriches were reported by many Europeans travellers and visitors to the Cape as roaming the area in large numbers. The birds were hunted by the San (Bushmen) and Khoi (Hottentots) for their meat, skins and feathers. The birds frequently appear in the exquisite rock paintings of the Bushmen, some dating from thousands of years ago.

In the early days of the ostrich feather boom, before scientific incubation, farmers employed local women to act as ostrich ‘foster mothers’. Wearing voluminous skirts, the women would patiently squat on the nests of the eggs, which would eventually hatch out under them.

It is a myth that the ostrich will hide its head in the sand to make it invisible. This belief dates back to the biblical times. It probably originates from the fact that when the bird is frightened, it simulates death by collapsing in a crouching position and stretching out its head and neck in an attempt at camouflage.

The Oasis Farm tours are educational and entertaining, and visitors are able to get ‘close up and personal’ with the fascinating business of ostrich farming. So much so that visitors can have their picture taken while ‘hatching’ an egg or mounted atop a mature bird! For groups, mini-ostrich races are part of the experience. The Oasis Ostrich Show Farm is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. Schools and groups are requested to reserve their places well in advance.

About the ostrich:


  • Male – Up to 300kg;
  • Female – Up to 150kg;
  • Chick – Up to 800kg;
  • Egg – Up to 1.5kg.

Sexual maturity:

  • Male – 3 years;
  • Female – 2 years.

Incubation period – 42 days;
Life span – up to 40 years;
Breeding period – Summer;
Number of toes – 2;
Economic products – Leather, meat, feathers, eggs.

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