Ocean Divers International

Ever thought about Scuba Diving? Ever wondered what it is like breathing under water?

We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Discover Scuba Diving program. With this program we invite you and possibly your employees, family members and friends that would like to share the experience with you to our training facility. On arrival, you will receive a short briefing and watch a  10-minute DVD regarding the very basic requirements and safety practices necessary for participating in this sport.

This will be followed by the excitement of physically being kitted up in full dive gear by our competent and professional staff, where after you will be given the opportunity to scuba dive in our INDOOR, heated 3.5m deep swimming pool, under the supervision of our experienced staff. We like to call this option the “Try it, before you buy it” advantage! You will not find this anywhere else, we simply want you to experience that we experience every time we do for a dive…….. the pleasure and peace of weightlessness and the beauty of our oceans!

So don’t delay, take advantage of this amazing opportunity and discover scuba diving with us today! It will be our pleasure and our privilege to serve you and expose you to the beauty that Nelson Mandela Bay, widely known as the “Watersport Capital of Africa” has to offer!

Ocean Divers International offers the public both a training facility and a retail shop that covers all aspects of sport diving.

Our retail shop is well stocked with various dive equipment, clothing and accessories.

Continuing through our establishment you will find the following facilities:

  • Lecture room;
  • Workshop for all servicing and repairs;
  • Compressor room for equipment rental and air fills;
  • Indoor heated 3.5m deep training swimming pool;
  • Ablution facilities;
  • Warm/cold water showers both indoor and outdoor showers available; and
  • Baths with fresh water for washing of equipment after dives.

Divers are transported to the launch sites in a large safari truck. Riding out to sea on our 08:00 Super Duck is also a favourite.

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