Red Sun Dried Fruit and Nuts

Red Sun Raisins is proud to be located in Keimoes, a lush, green oasis 40km Southwest of Upington on the Orange River. At Keimoes, the Orange River widens to flow among more than 120 islands most of which are covered by rich, fertile soils, deposited by the River over millions of years. It is on these islands, within the Orange River that the long established tradition of producing raisins in South Africa was started.

Red Sun Raisins is a privately owned, South African company, established in 2009. They are processors of high quality raisins which are produced along the banks of the Orange River, in the Northern Cape Province, of South Africa.

The Orange River, is well known for fresh table grapes and raisins, both of the very highest quality. There are also well established wine cellars in the region.

This business mostly focus on the processing and packaging of raisins. Visitors can watch a presentation on how raisins are grown along the Orange River. They have a wide selection of raisins for sale.

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