Sculpture Trail

Set on the slopes of Makungutsha Mountain, in the heart of Swaziland and amongst indigenous forest, is a hidden sculpture trail. This hour long trail is a unique concept in Southern Africa that provides visitors with an opportunity to experience both the wonder of nature and the talent of local and overseas artists.

The trail evolved as an idea to encourage people to walk along paths, by cool, meandering streams and through bird-filled indigenous Swazi forests. Situated on Rosecraft Farm, the trail is one of several guided or self-guided walking or hiking trails in the area. Here you will find the brilliantly coloured purple crested lourie, hear the liquid song of the golden oriole, and marvel at rare butterflies and insects. And if you’re on the sculpture trail you can search for hidden sculptures too!

Sculpture trails are a means of encouraging a slower, more observant passage through our natural heritage. If we destroy the earth we have inherited from our ancestors, what will we bequeath to our children? This trail provides visitors with a chance to become aware of their surroundings and the value of our precious but fast disappearing wilderness areas. An informative leaflet will guide you on the trail where interesting trees are labelled to extend your knowledge of the names, uses and medicinal remedies obtained from local trees. This is an ideal outing for the whole family. Children love the hide and seek clues for finding the sculptures and there are shady picnic spots along the way, with cascades to cool your weary feet.

Additional guided and self-guided trails are also available for those interested in longer, all-day or overnight hikes. These lead over Makungutsha Mountain (from where one has stunning views over Swaziland) and can include a visit Ngwempisi Gorge and wild flowers in springtime. 4×4 trails, as well as various self-guided or guided walks to view Swazi rural culture can also be arranged.

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