Sewefontein Boerdery Trust

Sewefontein is a 1 355 hectare farm situated in the heart of the Baviaanskloof. The Sewefontein farm was bought in 2002 by a group of 75 local people from the Kloof, who clubbed their housing subsidies together to purchase the farm under a Trusteeship, the Sewefontein Gemeenskap Boerdery Trust. The owners are all farm dwellers who have grown up and worked on farms in the region all their lives. Buying their own land and securing their future was therefore a dream come true.


  • Sewefontein has incredible potential, both natural and infrastructural. Situated right in the middle of the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve, it is a developing national park with huge eco-tourist and conservation potential. It is 70km from Willowmore, the nearest urban centre along a decent unsurfaced road. The farm is situated almost in the middle of the kloof – making it accessible from both the coastal region and the Karoo. Being in the middle of the kloof makes it the ideal overnight stop for travellers and tourists;
  • As the name Sewefontein (‘seven springs’) describes, the farm has a number of natural springs that bubble out of the mountainside in addition to a borehole that constantly fountains out of the earth. Visitors can put their faces into the sweet waters and drink deeply;
  • The farm has many different indigenous tree types including a natural forest of ficus whose roots demonstrate their age and durability.

Vision of Sewefontein:

The vision of Sewefontein is for a sustainable community where the owners have a diversity of livelihood options including eco-tourism, food gardens and commercial agriculture.

Their future plans include:

  • A shop and restaurant for travellers or campers who wish to enjoy local cuisine;
  • The restoration of the PH Nortje house on the farm into a museum;
  • The establishment of a conservancy where the animals (including the indigenous mountain zebra) will roam free between the neighbouring farms;
  • Campsites with ablutions made in the traditional manner using local reeds and clay (both cool in the summer and warm in the winter);
  • Backpacker accommodation;
  • Hiking and possible 4X4 trails, including absailing in the breathtaking kloofs of the farm; and
  • Bed and breakfasts where you will stay with the local people and learn more of the culture and ways of the Baviaanskloof (these are available now).   They will provide home grown food and, with time, crafts.

 Challenges and opportunities:

“We are presently challenged by a cash shortfall to institute our dreams and visions. We are therefore charging a small fee to all visitors to our beautiful farm. As you enjoy and share the breathtaking scenery, taste the sweet natural water and wonder at the natural vegetation, we ask you to contribute to our community project. Thank you for your support, please tell others about us and encourage people to visit us. We will welcome you back to visit Sewefontein.”

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