Simunye Corner House

Lidiwe actually does not do any specific activity to speak of, but one day in 2000 a group of 14 ladies, unhappy with the disgusting state of the surrounding area, approached the local municipality and asked for funding to clean the area. They were refused, and so took it upon themselves to do something about it. 

Using their own funds, they painted the outside of her home in traditional Ndebele colours and designs in order to make the area look a bit cleaner.  The niece of one of the ladies works for a travel agency in Johannesburg, and soon, through her speaking to the numerous tour operators that she deals with, word of this house got around and today tourists visiting the area make a point of visiting the house to admire the beautiful artwork. 

The very first visitor to the house was a gentleman from France and she still has them coming on a regular basis to see her house.  Not one to miss an opportunity, Lindiwe then started inviting them in to sample a typical cultural meal, and today she has a regular little business going providing meals and drink to those who just come to see.

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