Smiling Faces Business Operators

Smiling Faces Business Operators was established in 2002 to provide volunteers on a 24-hour, free-of-charge stand-by basis to help with linkages to tourist destinations in the region, and to provide assistance where and when needed. The organisation’s aim is to make a difference by preserving the friendly, courteous South African way of conducting business.

Smiling Faces offer a wide and diverse range of services, including buy-and-braai (barbeque) facilities in Mogwase, and a sit-and-eat venue serving a traditional dish at least twice a week. For visitors who want to learn about the history and culture of the Bakgatle people, the development of Mogwase township, the Pilanesberg and many other topics, Smiling Faces will arrange the services of a reputed storyteller.

Other services include a hair salon run by qualified professionals who pride themselves on up-to-date, Eurocentric fashions as well as an exclusive range of Afrocentric hairdos and hair care products. For motorists, car wash services are provided by volunteer youngsters from the township as a first and vital entrepreneurial step towards starting their own businesses.

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