Sneeuberg started as a home based business 20 years ago manufacturing woollen products, such as duvets, pillows and under blankets. Since then they have expanded and now have a factory in town, manufacturing, selling and exporting woollen duvets, quilts, under blankets, foot warmers, neck cushions, sleeping bags and more.

Laura is of firm belief that no other fibre, natural or man made can match wool’s unique properties.

The unique properties she is referring to can be listed as follows:

  • Wool maintains ideal body temperature;
  • It is non-allergic;
  • Wool has the ability to absorb and repel moisture;
  • It is a renewable resource;
  • Wool saves energy;
  • It entails a cruelty free industry;
  • It is biodegradable; and
  • Wool is recyclable.

Visit or contact Laura for additional information on Sneeuberg’s product range.

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