Swaziland National Trust Commission

The Swaziland National Trust Commission (SNTC) is the custodian of Swaziland’s cultural and natural heritage.

Operations for which the Swaziland National Trust Commission are responsible include:

  • The National Museum;
  • King Sobhuza’s Memorial Park;
  • Mantenga Cultural Village;
  • Mantenga nature Reserve;
  • Malolotja Nature Reserve; and
  • Mlawula Nature Reserve.

In its nature reserves, SNTC offers accommodation in the form of self-catering log cabins at Malolotja, tents at Mantenga and Mlawula and camping in Malolotja and Mlawula. There are environmental education centres at Malolotja and Mlawula, targeted at school children.

Visitors can enjoy the walking trails and picnic sites in all the reserves. The museum is open everyday of the week.

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