Omulunga Palm Route


A journey through the far north of Namibia where the desert meets the Angolan woodland and people of all cultures meet. From bustling markets with unique smells, colours and sounds to the beauty of the Etosha National Park, venture off the beaten track to discover the pulse of Namibia on the Omulunga Palm Route.

Named after the distinctive Makalani palms, known as Omulunga in the local Ovambo language, that dot the flat landscape, the Omulunga Palm Route stretches from Ruacana in the west to Nkurenkuru in the east. It is not only the gateway to Angola but also links the remote and desolate northwest region (Arid Eden Route) to the lush water ecosystem of the Four Rivers Route (Kavango & Zambezi regions).

The route is the quintessential oasis for weary travellers and serves as a practical stop-over for to refuel and restock in the heart of a bustling African community. Travellers will experience traditional and contemporary Ovambo culture alongside each other and get a glimpse of local tribal royalty. The area reveals a strong liberation history, while nature lovers can enjoy the abundant wildlife and wilderness in the world famous Etosha National Park.

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