Swinburne – “Where the rolling highland plains meet the towering Drakensberg escarpment.”

Spectacular mountain and valley scenery is a tonic in itself for hard-working city dwellers that need a break.


Swinburne is located half way between Johannesburg and Durban, it takes approximately three hours to reach – travelling on the N3 which is a double lane highway all the way. You will know you are in the Swinburne area when you see Rensburg’s Kop, the famous landmark close to the N3.

A river runs through it…

The Wilge River, the most important and consistent source of water for the Vaal River system. Supplying the huge city of Johannesburg, the river rises in a huge wetland next to the mountains not far from Swinburne and meanders placidly through the area.

The Wilge River is one of the few remaining breeding rivers for the indigenous Yellowfish and these and other species can be caught here. Fishing is available on certain stretches of the river. It also boasts the historic Wilge River toll bridge, a National Monument.

Montrose Information Centre:

The Montrose Information Centre operates from the Montrose Country Highway Complex. This is the official Tourism KwaZulu-Natal Gateway Information Centre and an official information node of the N3 Gateway Tourism Association.

The information centre is open seven days a week and offer a free information and communication service to tourists travelling anywhere in the country. They make fax, phone and e-mail facilities available free of charge (under personal supervision) to assist tourists. They have a wide selection of free issue brochures covering all areas of KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State and other regions. Where brochures for certain areas or other provinces are not available, information will be printed off websites free of charge if available.

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