Valley Bakery, Coffee Shop and Art Gallery

Valley Bakery, Coffee Shop and Art Gallery is situated in the Central Drakensberg. The shop is filled with delicious pastries, tarts, ginger bread men, biscuits, croissants, lemon meringue, cheese cake and speciality breads such as seedloaf and health breads. The shelves are stacked with preserves and a variety of homemade sauces. All the products are baked from flour milled in their own stone ground flourmill. 

The art gallery offers a wide range of beautiful art, some of which are painted by the family.

The charming coffee shop serves the best cappuccinos, quiche and salads. The coffee shop also hosts high teas, birthday parties and picnics. 

The bakery is a family run business run by the ladies of the family and staff. They supply all the neighbouring hotels with freshly baked breads.

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