Vero’s Restaurant and Take-Aways

Veronica describes how the business started:

“My house is situated right next to the road.  People and cyclists always stopped to ask for some water, so I decided to start selling cold drinks, then chips and a little bit of snacks and now it has grown into a restaurant.”

Vero’s Restaurant offers:

  • Homemade bread baked on a fire;
  • Local cuisine such as roosterkoek with a variety of fillings;
  • Beverages like tea, coffee and cooldrink;
  • Snacks like chips, sweets and chocolates; and
  • Dried fruit that includes pears, mango, prunes, etc.

Given a day or two notice before your arrival, Veronica can also prepare lamb chops served with vegetables or chicken and salad.  These salads include coleslaw, tomatoe salad, bean salad and potato salad.

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