Wupperthal Tourism Association

There are several rock painting sites in the vicinity of Wupperthal and at the information centre in the village a guide is available for visitors on request. Turn off at Clanwilliam on the N7 and drive over the Pakhuis Pass. Approximately 40km from Clanwilliam and beyond Travellers’ Rest on the eastern side of the pass, turn right to Wupperthal and follow the winding road for another 40 minutes. You will need a 4×4 vehicle to drive within reach of some of the sites, but it is also possible to visit others with an ordinary car. There are paintings of elephant, human figures in trance postures and a unique zebra-headed therianthrope – a human body with a zebra head.

Apart from the charming villages, the scenery around Wupperthal is spectacular. There is a fully equipped self-catering guesthouse available in the village at Wupperthal.

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