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Tips for viewing wildflowers this spring

If you’re keen on checking out the wild flowers this spring, we’ve got all the information you need. Each year around early- to mid-August, parts of the Northern Cape and the West Coast are dotted with orange daisies, yellow pietsnot, purple and yellow vygies and white sporie. There are also plenty of quaint towns for travellers to visit while they enjoy the warmer weather and colourful, flower patchwork surroundings.

Springbok, Okiep, Nababeep, Concordia and Kamieskroon are all top destinations for viewing the famous blooms and the Namaqua National Park near Kamieskroon  is also a flower destination to include on your itinerary for every flower season. The Goegap Nature Reserve near Springbok reopened to day visitors this August and is definitely worth a visit while you’re in the area.

The  mountains  are green and the smell of wild flowers lingers in the air so birders should pack their binoculars and bird books, as many feathered species come out to play round this time of year. Travellers staying over in some of the quaint towns along the flower route should pack warm clothes as the evening temperatures can drop to near-freezing.

Where to view flowers

  • West Coast National Park
  • Along the N14 outside of Springbok
  • Springbok town centre
  • On the road between Komoggas and Maatjiesklloof near the Naries Retreat
  • Okiep town centre
  • On the road to Port Nolloth
  • Handjieskraal near Kharkas
  • Groot  Hoog along the road between Okiep and Concordia
  • Road between Springbok and Bergson
  • Namaqua National Park
  • Noheep a farm near Kamieskroon 

Tips when viewing flowers

  • The flowers are open between 11am and 3pm
  • The sun must be out for flowers to open
  • The day temperature must  be at least 18 degrees
  • Flowers will not open on rainy or overcast days 

Namaqua/West Coast maps are available at all tourism offices. Travellers can phone the Namaqua flowerline 7 days a week on 079 2947260 from 8am to 8pm from 1 August to 1 October.

For ideas on where to stay and places to visit while you’re in the area, check out the Karoo Highlands, the Kamiesberg and the Richtersveld Routes.

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