Suurbraak Tourism Bureau

Suurbraak was a mission station enfolded by the Langeberg Mountains. The village is well worth a visit as many of the original houses and buildings remain. Off the main town square are the original church, parsonage and school – built by the London Missionary Society between 1828 and 1848. The village is also well worth visiting for day trips as the area is rich in fynbos and birdlife and hikers and mountain bikers are welcome. Discos, dramas and music evenings are held regularly in the town, and the town has a number of festivals throughout the year.


Visitors should contact the Suurbraak Tourism Bureau for information about the attractions or events in the village. The bureau can also arrange accommodation and guides for village or nature tours. Tours can be on foot, on horseback or in a horse cart. Teas, picnics and other refreshments can also be arranged.


Activities in Suurbraak:

River Walk – An easy flat route that runs parallel to the main road. Swimming, picnic and braai (barbecue) spots can be found at ‘Grootgat’ and ‘Boeregat’. This is an easy ‘away from it all in one minute’ walk.

De Oude Meulen Hiking Trail – The Meuldam is a natural rock pool in the kloof across the river, where the town’s water supply is collected and piped underground to the reservoir. Breathtaking scenery, interesting vegetation, ancient fruit trees and oaks, abundant wildlife and birdlife are the attractions on this trail. The walk is approximately 60 minutes.


Fynbos Route – This is a minimum two hour walk up the mountain above the pine forests, where a field of proteas awaits. This trail gives spectacular views of the village while walking waist deep in fynbos. Mountain streams of the purest water are plentiful. This walk is quite a climb and has a sharp descent on return.


All the above trails are also excellent mountain biking trails. Community guides are available as pathfinders.

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