Ôa Hera Craft and Tradition Centre

Ôa hera (‘that which people seek’) Art Shop is a pleasant art and craft centre with a wide variety of items and materials on display such as wood, stone, metal, basketry, cloth, leather. It represents an interesting and relaxing visit, with an opportunity to discover the many natural elements that, combined with many skills and creativity, unveil an attractive collection of products for the pleasure of visitors.

The Red Stone Restaurant and Cafeteria is an open-air establishment with a cosy dining area covered with shade netting and surrounded with a low stone wall. For cold weather there is also an inside restaurant. Two daily menus are on offer, lunches, snacks, delicious ice creams and drinks to customers who would like to stop by on their way into or out of the Namib Desert.

The centre offers:

  • An art and craft shop;
  • A restaurant and cafeteria; and
  • Internet and communication facilities (10:00-18:00).


In terms of activities, the Daweb Cultural Group provides a full scale cultural show featuring Nama and Tswana traditional dances and songs. Some 25 children will entertain you for a very special hour of skilled dancing and singing, imaginative choreography and colourful costumes. The children will be proud to share their traditional culture with you. (Booking required).

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