Bushbaby Safaris

Bushbaby Safaris is based in Dundee, but offers tours through out South Africa. Bushbaby Safaris has eight guides in total with five of them based in Dundee. While the company specialises in nature based tours and safaris, we do have two specialist battlefield guides that ‘bring history to life right in front of your eyes’.

Bushbaby also organises ‘true’ cultural trips where “you are not shipped off to some Hollywood cultural village but visit real people in their homes and a chance to buy real Zulu artefacts from their owners, in their houses”.

Nature however is the strongest offering. Bushbaby Safaris covers all the major parks in South Africa and have one of six of the highest qualified bird guides in South Africa. They will even put their money where their mouth is, as they offer a tour called “money back guarantee on the Big 5” which as its name implies will refund you your money if we don’t see the Big 5 (in the wild). No other company in their mind offers such a tour. 

“What ever you want to do in South Africa we can arrange it for you so give us a call and lets make your visit one to remember”.

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