Curio Shop Missanga

The curio shop sells a large and well-chosen variety of old (even antique) and new handicrafts produced on the island or within the province of Nampula.

  • Old furniture found and reconditioned on Ilha, old plates and other kitchenware;
  • An ever-changing assortment of jewellry/bijouteries made of local silver and beads from the sea-bottom;
  • Local traditional instruments, dolls, baskets, etc;
  • A number of local Indian-style foodstuffs are also available such as atchar of mango, tamarind, or lime, tropical fruit jam, etc; and
  • Clothing for men, women and children: traditional style, new adaptations of traditional capulanas into modern clothes, and newly designed handmade embroideries on T-shirts. The clothes can also be made to order by the shop tailor.

The opening hours are from 09:00-19:00 daily.

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