Dassiesfontein Farmstall

Dassiesfontein Farmstall serves cuisine made from local farm produce, including wheat and specially milled flour, freshly milled yellow maize and rye, homemade bread baked in Dover ovens, fresh and dried fruit, fresh vegetables and plaited onions. 

Products for sale include biltong (jerky), droëwors (dried sausage), bokkoms (dried fish), health seeds, pottery, cane baskets made by the School for the Blind, homemade preserves and baked goods, and wood stoves.

Products for sale:

  • Flour;
  • Bokkoms (dried fish);
  • Tin cans;
  • Enamelware;
  • Bottled water;
  • Jam;
  • Rusks;
  • Dried fruit;
  • Kitchenware;
  • Tea/coffee;
  • Aluminium pots; and
  • Old kitchen utensils.
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