Kasanka National Park

Kasanka National Park is open all year and welcomes all types of visitors from around the world. A visit to Kasanka often combines very well with a visit to Shoebill Island Camp in the Bangweulu and other destinations within Zambia. As well as arranging your stay in Kasanka and Shoebill the Kasanka Trust is well placed to organise a complete Zambian tour with all the transfers, connections and accommodation.

Kasanka hosts a unique wildlife spectacle every November and December when millions of Straw-coloured fruit bats assemble from around Central Africa to roost in an area of ‘Mushitu’ swamp forest near the confluence of the Musola and Kasanka Rivers. At twilight bats fill the sky in all directions for twenty solid minutes as they leave their roost site to feed though the night on abundant seasonal fruit of the ‘miombo’ woodlands. This event is one of Africa’s most amazing and unusual wildlife spectacles – never forgotten by those lucky enough to witness it.

Kasanka National Park has two lodges (Wasa and Luwombwa) and three campsites (Pontoon, Kabwe and Fibwe) on offer. For visitors travelling on a budget, accommodation is also offered at the Kasanka Conservation Centre in guestrooms or a dormitory.

Activities include guided or self-drive game drives, guided walks, boat trips, aerial safaris and visits to the Fibwe Hide.  During November and December guided Bat walks and viewing are also available. 

Excursions can be arranged to the Livingstone Memorial, Kundalila Falls, Nsalu Caves and other local community projects.

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