Lüderitzbucht Safaris and Tours

Lüderitzbucht Safaris and Tours will plan and book your accommodation and guided tours of Lüderitz and surrounding areas including to Kolmanskuppe, the ‘Big Round Trip‘ and boat trips. 

The shop offers:

  •  Info centre and curio shop;
  •  Bookings for accommodation and activities; and
  •  Taxi services, airport transfers and transfers to Kolmanskuppe.


  • Local scenic and photographic tours (especially for fly-in visitors);
  • Agents for boat trips on the ‘Sedina‘ and ‘Sturmvögel‘ – to view penguins;
  • Bookings for organized tours in the mining ghost town of Kolmanskuppe;
  • Guided walking tours of Lüderitz;
  • Bird-watching;
  • Bookings for organized tours to Elizabeth Bay (half-day tour, includes Kolmanskuppe) and to Bogenfels and Pomona – prior booking is essential for both tours; and
  • Tours to the Fish River Canyon and Ai-Ais.
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