Leka Gape Shelter

As a non-profit organisation, Leka Gape mostly cares about socially disadvantaged people in one of the poorest regions of South Africa. Leka Gape workers want to find solutions to important problems such as poverty and unemployment, but also to alcoholism and to psychological and physical abuse. Projects, which are always done in cooperation with locals, mainly focus on young people and women.

Leka Gape aims it’s support at the field of social work, as well as economic development. Two reasons contribute to that: Firstly, effective social help cannot work without a certain economic reality and income generating projects always have to include a social component. Secondly, this makes it possible to generate money for other social projects.

Thus, Leka Gape initiates many projects both in the social and economic sectors. For example, a bakery was built. Besides the government, this is the most important employer in Lulekani. The shelter was recently opened to give women and children in need a safe haven.

The organisation runs the following projects:

  • Bakery;
  • Soup kitchen;
  • Shelter;
  • Aquaponics;
  • Theatre group;
  • Youth centre; and
  • Tourist route. 


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