Mayukuyuku Bush Camp and Campsite – Kafue Camps and Safaris Limited

Mayukuyuku Bush Camp and Campsite is one of only four campsites situated inside Kafue National Park, situated on the banks of the Kafue River. It is an ideal location to access both the north and south of Kafue National Park. 

Kafue Camps and Safaris Ltd was created in 2006 to meet the safari needs of visitors wishing for an excellent wildlife safari experience whilst also maintaining ethical principles by employing the local people and promoting conservation. It is a majority Zambian owned company, so revenue is ploughed back into the country. Guests can also purchase locally produced crafts in the gift shop, with confidence that the money is going to the artist. 

The camp is surrounded by a lightly wooded tree line and the Kafue riverbank. The park has large, shady trees to camp beneath and the views both upstream and downstream are magnificent. Fishing from the banks plus launching of boats is both safe and easy. The rapids upstream provide a wonderful sundowner drinks location.

Mayukuyuku Bush Camp and Campsite offers full board with a fully stocked bar. The craft and curio shop stocks items made in communities around the park,  Lusaka and also from other areas of Southern Africa. The campsite is equipped with hot showers and flush toilets.

Activities include guided game-viewing in open vehicles,  walking safaris with a guide and armed scout and fishing and game-viewing by boat. Alternatively you can hire a wildlife guide who will accompany you in your own vehicle for a drive (one a day or longer) if booked in advance.

Per person per night: Kwacha:
CampingFirewood provided, hot showers and flushing toilets100
Day Visitor 45
Activities: (2 to 3 hours)  
Boat game viewing or fishing 200
Morning Game Drive 200
Sundowner Game Drive 200
Guided Walking Safari 200
Guide Hire per drive 2-3 hours 140
Guide Hire – half day 275
Guide Hire – full day 550
Guide Hire for long trips On request
Transfer Lusaka – Mayukuyuku one wayPer vehicle not per person1300
Transfer Lusaka – Mayukuyuku – LusakaPer vehicle not per person2600
Pick-up / drop off at bus stop 160,000 per vehicle each way
Meals for campers:  
Breakfast 80
Packed lunch 50
Lunch 100
Dinner 150
 Lightweight tent hire with bedding 

 Large: 133

 Small: 80

*We are based inside the National Park, so park fees apply.  


Park entry fees:

National ParkCitizens (KR):Residents/SADC Nationals (KR):International (KR):Self Drives (Residents/Non-Residents) (KR):
Category A:    
South Luangwa25/person/day105.60/person/day132/person/day158.40/person/day
Lower Zambezi25/person/day105.60/person/day132/person/day158.40/person/day
North Luangwa20/person/day79.20/person/day105.6/person/day132/person/day
Category B:    
West Lunga 15/person/day26.40/person/day52.80/person/day 
Blue Lagoon15/person/day26.40/person/day52.80/person/day 
Category C:    
Other Parks10/person/day12.6/person/day26.40/person/day 
Category D:    
School Parties 5/student/day 6.3/student/day 26.40/student/day 

Aircraft Landing/Angling/Camping/Mooring/Vehicle Entry/Vessel Entry:

 Locally Registered (KR):Foreign Registered (KR):
Vehicle < 3 tones net wt15/vehicle/day79.20/vehicle/day
Vehicle > tones net wet25/vehicle/day158.40/vehicle/day
Vessel < 50 hp15/vessel/day79.20/vessel/day
Vessel > 50 hp25/vessel/day158.40/vessel/day
Mooring in National Park25/vessel/day158.40/vessel/day
 Citizens/Residents (KR):Non-Residents (KR):

Miscellaneous fees:

 Citizens (KR):Established Residents (KR):Non-Resident (KR):
Commercial Filming & sound recording100/person/day100/person/day316.80/person/day
Commercial painting100/artist/week100/artist/week316.80/artist/week
Professional hunting license1,000/year3,00031,680
Apprentice Professional Hunting License5001,49431,680
Professional Tour Guides License2001,49452,800
Apprentice Professional Tour Guides License2001,49410,560


  • A day means the period from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours (6:00AM to 6:00 PM);
  • A child under the age of five years shall not pay for entry into any National Park. Children aged five years and above, but under thirteen years, shall pay 50% of the above rates;
  • A canoe trip shall consist of a maximum of 3 canoes (i.e. 2 clients’ canoe and 1 guide’s canoe);
  • Aircraft Entry/Landing per day includes all the days the aircraft remains in the National Park, Bird/Wildlife Sanctuary;
  • A school party, comprising citizens or established residents, composed of over ten children shall pay 28 fee units (KR5) per citizen or 35 fee units (KR6) per resident and KR26.40 per head for foreign visitors, for entry into any national park, bird or wildlife sanctuary.
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