Mtititi Magic – Tsonga Textiles Redefined

The Mtititi community comprises four villages – those of Plange, Altein, Lombard and Muhunguti – where the Tsonga culture is still very much a part of daily life. The villagers’ pride in their heritage is reflected in the textiles and products they produce. Here vibrant beaded and embroidered designs are incorporated into handbags, scarves and runners, and cushion covers.

The community has previously taken the initiative with a number of projects, aimed at eradicating poverty and providing employment in the region. The project dates back to the 70’s when it had started trading art work with a dealer in Switzerland. However this project came to a stand still when the contact person passed away in 1986.
In 1995 the project was started again. An early childhood care centre was also established and there is a community bakery that is functioning at present.

*This participant is a member of the Africa Craft Trust.

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