Pondo People

Pondo People, a beaded clothing boutique and craft gallery, is an establishment located on the second property along the Ferry Point Road just after the Pondoland Bridge in Port St Johns. The name Pondo People was chosen to depict the fact that the products are made and produced by the Pondo Tribe, who are the main inhabitants of this area.

Pondo People was started 20 years ago as a response to decline in mining at the time. The retrenchments meant that very little money was coming into the Transkei and it was felt that a business employing women would be the best contribution to the community since women are the ones that feed and look after extended families.  Another objective was to retain the tradition of beadwork in the Transkei, which was in danger of being lost.

Some of the garments made by the Pondo People are modern designs inspired by the traditional dresses of the area. Creativity is encouraged so that the women develop their own individual styles and they are assisted in the area of technique and quality control.

The products found at Pondo People include beaded waistcoats, skirts, trousers, shirts, beaded bags, berets and cushion covers.  Also available are clay pots and traditional woven objects still used in normal households.


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