Talana Creative Cluster

The Talana Creative Cluster presently offers a group of ladies the opportunity to create their beading and weaving crafts on site at the museum, and sell their products from the curio shop. Visitors can watch the ‘working arts’, interact with the ladies and have the opportunity to purchase products. This is however just the beginning of a larger dream – the creative cluster has a far reaching vision for its development. 

The Talana Museum, individual artists and groups and annual events will form part of the entire package. This will be a place where cultural products are consumed and experienced, as well as made.

Aims of the project:

  • To create a corporate identity with production of a range of craft items;
  • To provide some co-ordination within the manufacture of crafts;
  • To create a central point for orders for crafts, sales, quality control and marketing;
  • To provide skills and business training appropriate to the project;
  • To assist with upgrading of existing skills of persons involved in the project;
  • To provide crafters with relevant information regarding sourcing of raw materials, design ideas and changes within the market; and
  • To encourage visitor interaction.

“A living cultural and craft manufacturing experience set in a remarkable heritage park”.


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