Tambuti Lodge

Tambuti Lodge is situated 50m from the river floodplain and 250m from the Rundu town center. Tambuti Lodge is easily accessible and never flooded. This is the ideal stopover before heading into the deeper Kavango and Caprivi Wild.

Tambuti Lodge offers accommodation in eight white washed bungalows beautifully perched above the Kavango River – only a few footsteps from the floodplain. These bungalows are conveniently located in a lush garden right in the centre of Rundu and are only 400m from the nearest banks and shops.

Tambuti Lodge emphasizes on low local carbon foot print through efficient energy uses.

They have a unique small restaurant specializing in local traditional African food and drinks sourcing local ingredients wherever possible to create both traditional and new recipes. This gives the lodge guests the opportunity to explore local flavors, add value to local products and support the local communities providing the ingredients.   

Tambuti cuisine is unique in using the freshest local Kavango ingredients where possible to create African inspired dishes.

(Please indicate your main dishes (Numbers) when booking)
(Starter.1-6, Main 1-10, Dessert 1-6)


  1. Fried or dry chilly Mopani worms  (if in season) – (A delicacy of dried caterpillars living from Mopani tree leaves in the northern regions);
  2. Small meshed Catfish/Barbell fish balls, bread and salad;
  3. Pumpkin soup;
  4. Pepper soup;
  5. Traditional quiche (See vegetarian);
  6. A light salad from our garden with slightly fried portuguese chouriço¹ and corn bread.

Main dishes:

  1. Kavango river fish (mainly local indigenous Okavango river Tilapia species, Nembwes and Largemouth sustainable harvested with traditional methods);
  2. Sun-dried catfish which is a rich delicacy among many Namibians, cooked in Marula nut (Edi);
  3. Succulent grilled Namibian beef, or stews;
  4. Namibian grilled lamb steaks or stews;
  5. Traditional chicken cooked in Marula or Manketti nuts.

All  main dishes are served with the following staple food as per your choice (on arrival):

  • Rice;
  • Mahangu (finger millet);
  • Yilya (sorghum);
  • Local maize porridge;
  • Cassava (manioc) or less traditionnal french fried chips,(with home garden grown salad if desired as a side dish).

All dishes are served with two different local wild African leafy vegetables as per season. (Normally two of each to try as per season – Don’t worry, we decide for you.):

  • Mboga (Amaranthus thunbergi=wild Spinach);
  • Mpungu (Cleome gynandra);
  • Mutete leafes (Hibiscus);
  • Maliangwa (Pumpking leaves);
  • Mudika (Cassava/Manioc leaves).

And one of the following local traditional Sauces (NONE is spicy) as per season:

  • Nongono nut sauce (Sauce from pounded Manketti tree² nuts);
  • Ondjove (sauce from pounded Marula tree³ nuts);
  • Nonsivi (a red nut sauce from the African rosewood tree;
  • Fresh basil sauce from the lodge garden with parsley and white yoghurt sauce prepared Tambuti way.


Makunde /Cowpea puree: Prepared in Nongongo nut oil or Marula oil (oshingali) and local butternut squash puree or sweet potatoes puree as per season.

Other main dishes:

6.  Chicken curry (eastern African style) fried and cooked in curry and ginger sauce Tambuti way, served with rice or manioc/cassava flour and Mudika,(young cassava leaves);
7.  Maafe (famous West African dish) / Chicken stew cooked in groundnut sauce served over white rice.

For the vegetarian or as a light meal:

8.  Traditional African spinach quiche/tart prepared the Tambuti, with 50% finger millet (mahangu base) with local Kavango leafy vegetables as ingredients (Mboga, Mutete, Malianga) as available and Mafumpula (local Kalahari truffle) served with our salad;

9.  Another main vegetarian dish consists of boiled and fried Mafumpulas (Kalahari truffles) in butter-parsley-garlic sauce, served with sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables and rice;

10.  Or simply mahangu (millet), oshingali (cowpea past) and wild spinach.


  • Tartes aux citrons / Lemon tart:  This is Tambuti favorite dessert; no cream is used for this Tambuti version of “Tarter aux citrons”, only short crust pastry with millet, a light lemon custard and caramelized meringue. Done with the lemon zest of our own lodge grown lemons trees;
  • Mint flavoured sweet couscous with raisin and yoghurt;
  • Mungome (A sweet traditional pancake);
  • Amarula Dom Pedro (a soft ice-cream);
  • A very light refreshing lemon-mint, house made sorbet ice-cream (an excellent digestive) FOR ADULTS TRY THE GIN VERSION underneath;
  • Lemon-mint sorbet island sprinkled with Gordon’s Dry Gin.

All dishes include a traditional drink:

  • Local African wild Hibiscus sabdariffa juice
  • Based on local red ‘Mutete‘ flowers
  • Kavango Shikundu
  • Mutoho style/Oshivambo Oshikundu
  • Mahangu/Millet brew with pounded and germinated (malted) Sorghum or Millet grains. This is a very nutritious and refreshing drink
  • Freshly grounded Ginger juice/beer.  (Available as juice or beer depending on the time you order).

¹Portuguese chouriço is made with pork, fat, wine, paprika and salt. It is then stuffed and slowly dried over smoke.

²Schinziophyton rautanenii.

³Sclerocarya birrea.

The lodge emphasizes its low local carbon foot print, using solar energy for all lightening and water heating, and enviro-flush septic tanks which do not connect to the poor municipal water based treatments. 

Facilities and services:

  • Bed and breakfast;
  • Restaurant specialized in local ingredients
  • Room service;
  • Two bars (one public one private);
  • Air-conditioning;
  • Mini-bar in each bungalow;
  • Satellite television;
  • Room telephone;
  • Camping facilities;
  • A swimming pool; and
  • Canoes to explore the river on your own.

Other activities:

Apart from the kayaks to explore the river on your own, we offer:

  • Bird-watching (pre-booked only);
  • Sunset cruise in cooperation with a nearby camp on the western floodplain (pre-booking only);
  • Tours to the nearby Mbunza living museum (traditional village);
  • The floodplain around Tambuti is also ideal for jogging fanatics (it’s save and has well marked sand trails).

Other information:

The lodge has founded and is supporting a local orphanage 15km outside town in the poorer rural area which is entirely based on volunteer work.  See http://mavanzevillage.webs.com/  (Theresias OVC foundation).


The  MUKORO (= river) BAR is the local public bar of Tambuti Lodge where you can mingle with the locals close to Rundu Beach and enjoy a cold beer or cider.

The MUKONDI  BAR is a more quiet vine bar at the Tambuti restaurant, reception site.

Both bars offer traditional and less traditional drinks.

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