Tiakeni Pottery and Multi-Purpose Co-operative

This project provides you with the opportunity to watch a broad spectrum of traditional arts and crafts from beading to pottery, weaving to sewing, woodwork and cooking. The majority of the items created on site are available for purchase including carved walking sticks and cultural dolls, beaded necklaces and bracelets, tables cloths and baskets. The singing and dancing of cultural traditions can also be arranged for tourists to enjoy.

Shangaan traditional dance theme:

Mukhinyovezo (Tsonga):

“N’wana loko a tekiwile kahle a ya evukatini I vi a kuma n’wana. Lava vale vukatini va rhuma ntshumi a rhwele mhalamhala na ntlhanu wa timpondo a ya suma leswaku n’wana wa n’wina u na n’wana. Ku bhiwa mikulungwana va khakha. Ku swekiwa byalwa hi lava le kaya ka nhwenyana na tihovhe. I vi kurhambiwa vanhu va ya evukatini bya n’wana wa vona.  Kutani va cinela ntwedyana, va n’wi tota tsumani, va boha n’wana xanga a luliwa hi vusenga, byi hakiwa a byobyeni. Byi mbariwa hi kokwana na lava le vukatini va ta khoma mbuti va thlava yi va dzovo ra n’wana.  Lava le vukatini va sweka swibyalwana na vona. Se va ya kamba tswendzani.  Ekaya ka lowa nhwana na vona va ta dlaya mbuti ya tondolo ra n’wana.  Va ri karhi va china ku tlhuvutsiwa dzovo ra n’wana”.

Mukhinyovezo (English translation):

“When a young lady gets married and gives birth to a child, the in-laws send a messenger with a Kudu horn and 5 two rand coins to go and notify the family that their daughter has given birth. Then they ululate and are happy for the exciting news. The daughter’s family brew traditional beer and samp. Then they send messengers to the groom’s family to see the newborn baby. There, they dance for the baby and smear the baby with tsumani (special powder) and adorn it with beads, which are also used to decorate dzovo (baby carrier made of animal skin). The beads are then also worn by the grandmother. The people at the groom’s family slaughter a goat of which the skin will be used for the baby carrier (dzovo). They also brew traditional beer and the bride’s family will in turn also slaughter a goat for the baby carrier while they work on softening the animal skin.”

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