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Why do you travel?

Whether you call it travel, a vacation, getting out of town or visiting your family upcountry, most of us shake off the confines of routine and leave the towns or cities in which we live to see what pleasures await us outside of city limits. 

We recently spoke to a number of people in and around Cape Town about why they like to get way, where they go and what they look for when they’re getting out of the city. We also asked them what was stopping them from getting away more often. 

The insights proved interesting so we thought we’d share them with you, our loyal readers.

When you travel, what sort of experience are you looking for?

“I want to switch off and forgot about normal life.” – Siphiwo, 36

 “I love feeling disconnected from the hustle and bustle. I enjoy getting away from town and checking out places I’ve never been to before and new experiences” – Lauren, 28

“As different from the norm as possible, out of contact with cellphones, feeling a little rural.” – Daniel, 23

 “I want to feel relaxed, free to come and go as I please, safe, inspired, refreshed and I want to go somewhere as non-touristy as possible!” – Leilah, 28

“I like stopping off at farm stalls and I really enjoy staying on farms. I love to travel to scenic places with lots of wide open space. I want peace and quiet.” – Lee-ann, 31

When you go away, where do you like to go, and how often?

“long weekends, typically within driving-range outside of Cape Town, e.g. Sutherland, Brittania Bay, Clanwilliam, Knysna. I usually try to get out of town every month.” – Andrew, 37

“I used to go overseas quite a bit but now I prefer travelling in SouthAfrica. I want to know more about it. I like to travel somewhere new every 6 months. On weekends I go camping somewhere in the Western Cape.” – Sabhas, 36

“I visit George to see my sister about once a year and I visit Bloemfontein to see my dad once a year also.” – Lennox, 32

“I have a farm in Kruger, I go there all the time. I also enjoy escaping up the west coast for a quick weekend where I have a place. Otherwise I look at nature conservation spots” – Dewald, 36

“I like the vibe, entertainment and nature and mountain in Cape Town. I’d love to go to Namibia too. Nature and adventure!” – Kgagamatso, 22

What’s stopping you from getting away more often?

“Lack of knowledge” – Patrick, 43

“Work and money and potentially knowledge. I don’t make the time to plan shorter weekend away trips. It would be great if there was existing suggested itineraries for weekends away.” – Lauren, 28

“I am not putting myself out there. I don’t have the money, time and a plan of what to do.” – Donald, 24

“Planning in advance is hard. Special offers are great but not always what we’re looking for. Overseas trips are a treat. Planning around kids and animals makes just packing up and leaving difficult.” – Karina, 31

“I’m lazy to plan. I find travel websites over-saturated. I never really find what I’m looking for so I just give up and never book a holiday away. If the process and options were simplified, I might find what I’m looking for.” – Dino, 23

“Cost and the time to plan and organise. When travelling you have to be intentional and packing and unpacking is heavy work for a family.” – Colette, 42

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