Brandkop Guest Farm

Brandkop Guest Farm welcomes visitors to come and enjoy the day to day activities on the farm.

Some of these include:

  • Plucking of the geese to make goose down duvets;
  • Milking of goats every morning;
  • Sheep-shearing and other routine procedures such as tagging of the sheep;
  • Guided night drives to see porcupines and various other nocturnal animals;
  • A demonstration on how to prepare traditional farmstyle bread with the use of dried peas. The bread is baked in an outside clay oven; and
  • Preparation and cooking of traditional Karoo farm delicacies – and tasting of course!

Guided photography day trips can be arranged on the farm. This provides unique opportunities to see wild flowers and many other attractions typical to the Hantam Karoo.

Visitors to the farm find the history of Driekop Dam very interesting. This large irrigation system was built during the early 1920’s using donkeys and later on a specially imported steam plough which can still be seen today standing in front of the main homestead. During good summer rains, the Hantam and Koringhuis rivers flow into the dam. The water is then used to flood irrigate large tracts of land in order to plant wheat.

Visitors are welcomed throughout the year and your hosts will gladly arrange to take you on a guided tour to see the Driekop Irrigation System, all the historical buildings on the farm and unique farm equipment. Guests are also welcome to explore the hiking trails and dams at their own risk.

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