Rorke’s Drift Lodge

Rorke’s Drift Lodge was started in 2003 by Paul and Christine Lamberth who escaped the rat race to settle into peaceful country life. Christine came to Rorke’s Drift to find peace of mind so that she could work full time in her studio while Paul came to settle into a second career, that of lodge owner. Owning the lodge provided Paul with a third career and he is now a qualified battlefield guide specialising in the stories of the Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift Battles.

Rorke’s Drift Lodge is a tranquil haven with commanding views over the dusty African plains where the fate of a great European dynasty was sealed. Visitors can enjoy affordable luxury accommodation set on 1000 acres of virgin land where birds hail each new day while the jackals serenade the sunset.

Experience unique and spectacular views of the distant battlefields of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana and the dramatic escape route at Fugitive’s Drift. Hear the spellbinding tales of Zulu victory and defeat, respect and bravery, tragedy and triumph that ended a nation’s autonomy.

Rorke’s Drift offers unique accommodation and various activities:

  • Four secluded luxuriously furnished en-suite rooms tastefully decorated in a Contemporary African style. Two units have baths and two have showers. Two double and two twin units;
  • Kubili is a romantic double room with a view. The deck is on the same level as the leaves of the giant Natal fig tree and birds can easily be sighted from your chair without the aid of binoculars. The bathroom is tucked under the room on the upper floor and has a luxurious ‘roman‘ shower. This unit is recommended for the young and brave and especially honeymoon couples;
  • Kunye is a cool stone cottage with a luxurious corner bath. Twin beds are nestled under the thatch. The cottage is tucked under a 20m high plain tree and the guest is afforded perfect seclusion;
  • Kutatu is a double unit with luxury shower adjoining the main lodge. If you are looking for privacy just a few steps away from all the facilities this room should be your choice;
  • Kune is a twin unit with bath that is situated inside the main lodge.  It has a private bathroom and is the sunniest room in the winter months;
  • The lodge is nestled against the side of the Sinqindi Mountain and affords the guest stunning views over the battlefield plains. It is surrounded by rolling lawns and giant trees;
  • The farm track ensures seclusion and exclusivity without interference from noise or light pollution. Really see the stars of the Southern Hemisphere;
  • The gardens surrounding the Lodge are home to at least 100 species of birds;
  • The 1000 acres of lands that surround the Lodge afford the guest the opportunity to take walks and view the plentiful birdlife. Regular sighting of ground hornbills, martial and black eagles, duiker, kudu, bushpigs etc. At nights the owls and bats come out to play;
  • There is a lounge with television that has a facility for digital camera editing and some good reading matter on the battles of the area;
  • A deck for relaxing after a long day with a view that stretches 40km to the horizon;
  • And for the winter months two log fires are burned inside the main lodge and there is an outside fire burning at sunset;
  • There are no internet facilities and no cellphone reception;
  • You can enjoy delicious and varied three course dinners with your well read and well travelled hosts.  Dinner conversation is usually a stimulating and interesting affair;
  • Full English breakfasts with home made bread, fruit, cereals and yoghurt;
  • Early morning walks – a choice of three depending on your fitness level – can be taken before breakfast accompanied by your host;
  • Guided tours of the battlefields can be arranged and are highly recommended for adding maximum value to your visit;
  • Photo opportunities can be arranged to suit your needs;
  • Birding tours can be arranged;
  • Horse-riding can also be arranged to various destinations. These vary according to your riding fitness level;
  • And finally, you can expect a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where your hosts will try to ensure that your visit is memorable. Even the two dalmatians Bubbles and Oz will greet you enthusiastically on your arrival.

Pledge from the owners: “It is our aim to ensure that you arrive safely and depart both safe and happy.  We therefore will go the extra mile to help you with any planning problems you may experience with the rest of your trip, so do not hesitate to ask us if we can help”.

The last five kilometers to the lodge is a farm track and is under construction. It is not suitable for very low, sporty, or heavily loaded cars.  Please contact the lodge if you are not sure whether your vehicle will manage the road, or if you need transport to the lodge.

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