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Alarm Clock

You can forget about sleeping in during spring in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. The Bokmakierie bird (Telophorus zeylonus) gets up early and is singing at sunrise. Any local knows it. It’s local knowledge that leads you beyond the tourist traps to authentic travel experiences in Africa. Along the way you’ll make…

World Heritage Sites in South Africa

South Africa is home to eight UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Sites. If you’re looking for inspiration for local travel around South Africa, this list of sites is well worth a visit: Cradle of Humankind The only World Heritage Site in Gauteng, the Cradle of…

Talana Live: A weekend of epic proportions

History buffs will know that KwaZulu-Natal’s Battlefield Route is a popular tourist attraction and the resting place of many a British or Boer soldier and Zulu warrier. But if you thought battle re-enactments were only big in the USA, think again. The Second Boer War (or Anglo Boer War to…

Tips for viewing wildflowers this spring

If you’re keen on checking out the wild flowers this spring, we’ve got all the information you need. Each year around early- to mid-August, parts of the Northern Cape and the West Coast are dotted with orange daisies, yellow pietsnot, purple and yellow vygies and white sporie. There are also plenty…

Family Hiking Trails in South Africa

Home to some of the world’s most famous mountains, South Africa is where we will find a fantastic combination of overnight camping treks, game lodge weekend walks, week long adventures as well as half day and full day hikes. Trails vary in distance, time and location, some are more challenging…

5 Tips for road trip success

There’s no doubt about it: self-drive travel is becoming a more popular (not to mention affordable) and sustainable means of travel. More and more people are opting to pack their cars and head out of the city for a break and a more life-enriching, local experience. If you’re planning on venturing…