Caledon Museum and Tourism Bureau

Local History Museum:

Concentrating on genealogy and the transformation of services to the broader community by creating a community archive.

Caledon Tourism Bureau:

Manages the local bureau and a tourism help-desk support service aimed at previously disadvantaged communities in the region.

Caledon Town Walking Tour:

This walking tour through the town takes visitors to some of the main streets of Caledon, featuring the Caledon Museum, old historical buildings, a restored Georgian Cottage which is a National Monument, and parts of the old wagon road from Cape Town.

Caledon Nature Trail and Wild Flower Garden:

In 1964 this reserve became one of the first areas to be proclaimed a nature reserve by the Department of Nature Conservation. Since 1892 a Wild Flower Show has been held here every spring to exhibit the spectacular and abundant array of fynbos found in the area. 

There are water features, lawns, picnic sites and pathways throughout the indigenous trees and plants under cultivation.  A 10km walking trail has been laid out in the nature reserve, offering panoramic views of the surrounding areas.  The trail is steep in places, and about 3-5 hours should be allowed for the whole traverse. There is no drinking water available on the trail.

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