Kaap Agri

Kaap Agri’s mission is to strive towards a profitable business and to become the preferred provider through competitive conduct and outstanding service.

The following items are available: frozen products, electrical goods and fittings, garden and domestic pesticides, household cleaning agents, household appliances, pet food, veterinary requirements, animal feeds, camping and outdoor equipment, motorvehicle accessories and lubricants, swimming pool equipment and chemicals, gardening tools, seed, potting soil and fertilizer, lawnmowers and edgecutters, irrigation equipment (garden and agricultural), paint and related products, hessian, burglar-proofing and security gates, glass, building material, electrical power tools, gas equipment (domestic), tools, hardware, plumbing supplies and taps, protective clothing, shoes, welding equipment (domestic and industrial), fencing material, petrol and diesel facilities, ploughshares, pruning equipment, packaging material, water pumps, vinewite and -twine and a regional countrystall with dried fruit, homemade rusks, preserved products, juices, rooibos tea, rye flour, ostrich meat and other local produce.

The mechanisation arm of Boland Agri in Buitengracht Street sells farming implements, while their workshop repairs farming equipment. 

Porterville Silo has the biggest storage facility in the Boland Agri service area and makes provision for 29 059 tons of wheat. Porterville Seed provides storage for 3 900 ton grainseed and process certified seed at an annual average of 65 000 x 50kg bags. This scheme meets the demands of SANSOR and the production of seed is subjected to strict measures to enable the best quality.

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