Tour Guide – Paul Lamberth

Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift specialist tour guide:

Paul Lamberth acquired his newfound passion when Christine and he opened Rorke’s Drift Lodge. Before embarking on his new career Paul was and still is a Petroleum Engineer who has travelled to more than 58 countries and is therefore well aware of the requirements of tourists. Now he focuses on the events that surround their lodge, including the battle of Isandlwana and the defense of Rorke’s Drift. His ability to adapt to the audience (one or many, young or old) provides an insight to these famous events in a rather unique way. His extensive knowledge and enthusiasm creates an awareness of this great country and its people. Many have shared in these special moments and have been lyrical in their praise of his knowledge of these events that changed the history of South Africa and the fate of a great European Dynasty.

Tours of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift Battlefields:

These two battles fought on the grassy plains of Zululand 126 years ago speak of bravery, stealth, tragedy, politics, arrogance, power and might. In one day we go from Zulu Victory to British Triumph and we hear the personal tales of men with different agendas putting their lives on the line to save their comrades.

The tour starts out at 8.30 am from Rorke’s Drift Lodge.  Paul Lamberth, your intrepid guide, will take you on a see-saw ride of emotions, along the dusty trail of the Colonial forces led by Lord Chelmsford, to the hills of Zululand where a massive Zulu force crept up on their enemy and annihilated them.  The tour continues on to Rorke’s Drift, where a handful of brave men defended the hospital, saved the sick and were awarded the record total of 11 VC’s for a single battle.  Tours can be tailored to suit specific needs.

“Paul did a great job with the tour and we feel we are now experts on the subject ! This was certainly the highlight of our trip. Many thanks again and we will certainly pass on your details to any interested friends.” P.R.

“Paul’s tour – very informative – highly recommended!” G.T.

“The tour was marvellous and made us feel like “you were there”. Thank you for a brilliant time.” R.B.

“The best of our holiday – fab food and conversation and will be talking about the tour for ages to come.” E.B.

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