Kamiesberg Experience


The Kamiesberg Experience is located in the Northern Cape province of South Africa and stretches from the west coast to the Kamiesberg mountain range east of the town Kamieskroon. The route is part of the greater Namaqualand region.

When hearing the word ‘Namaqualand’, those in the know tend to immediately think of wild flowers – carpets upon carpets of oranges, pinks, whites and yellows. This is one of South Africa’s most famous natural spectacles, occurring in springtime after a winter of adequate rainfall. The Kamiesberg Route is situated in the centre of the Succulent Karoo Biodiversity Hotspot.

The area has so much more to offer – including fauna, landscapes, local customs, history and local cuisine. Few people know, for example, that here is one of the rare places where one can camp in matjieshutte (huts traditionally built by the Nama people) – alone in the silence of wide open spaces and surrounded by spectacular rock formations and quiver trees.

The Kamiesberg region is home to wonderful rock formations, fascinating plant life, amazing gorges, exciting mountain passes and some truly remarkable people who are close to the earth and will help visitors to discover the wonders of Namaqualand. Visitors can enjoy hiking, bird-watching, game drives, donkey cart rides, campfire stories and simply chatting with the locals, seeing local crafts, visiting the village vegetable garden, stopping to admire the variety of landscapes or feeling the sea breeze on one’s face are equally rewarding experiences – as is admiring the fascinating Succulent Karoo flora, whether there are flowers or not.

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